Folk Blues Recorded Set lists

Equipment & Instruments


Stage requirement plan – can be sent in advance for engineers.

Standard Road Gig set up – Mackie 1.8KW p. a.

For small acoustic gigs – Trace Elliot TA100’s – 2 by 100Watts .

Standard gig;

16 Channel Mackie desk.

4 – Mackie SRM 450 watt speakers. 2/3 upfront & 1/2 fold back.

2 – speaker stands  2 –  mic stands

2 – 100 watt Trace Elliots TA100 acoustic amps

2- LR Baggs para acoustic DI pre amp boxes, 1 – Boss Di pre amp – various pedals.

1 – vocal mic pre amp.

1 – Boss 20XL loop pedal.

2 – Samsung CO2 matching acoustic instrument mics.

2 – Senheiser vocal mics.


12 string guitar acoustic 

6 string guitar acoustic & electric

Dobro Slide Resonator guitar

Banjo 5 string

4 string number plate electric slide geetar

f hole blues / jazz guitar

Mandolin acoustic & electric

Irish Bouzouki




Bodhran  /  Cajon / Wash board

Tenor Sax  /  Bb trumpet

Stomp Box

Stomp Box ; in progress, made from one of the tool box drawers plus parts from the old family motorbike shed. Our shed was so overloaded with old classic British motor bike parts. I built up my first motorbike after diving into a swamp at the age of 12 and dragging out a 125cc BSA Bantam with a rope and grapple . If the stage ain’t wooden I need to stomp on real wood to get the sound of an old beaten wooden porch. The number plate and badge is off  a 650 BSA motorbike which features in the song Fireball Highway.